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Alerting users and news organizations of subpoenas, gag orders, and much more.

What does do?

Government can issue you gag orders to control what information you can say about any ongoing pending investigations. These can be abused and used as a tool to intimidate or silence prevent the release of certain information.

Well no more! is here to protect you and your business and help make government more transparent. We allow users to create unlimited warant canaries and we will spread the message through our bird-to-bird messaging system --> ie Twitter!. We also send emails to our subscribed users with any infromation you want while you savely comply with the terms of your gag order.

Our process of letting our canaries expire and die further removes your business from any legal consequences of violating a gag order. Normally you would have to go our of your way to remove a warrant canary from your website - but now with you can just do nothing and have your canary expire by itself. Its now safer then ever to create a canary. Get ready to take back your freedom, Warrant is here!
Benefits To Businesses:
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More Detailed Canaries
Create unlimited specific canaries so that when one expires, you can alert people with precise details.
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More Legal Protection
Offload legal consequenes to our canary system - there are no legal consequences for not refreshing your canary.
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Alert more people
If your canary expires, we will instantly spread the message through our website, social media, and email.
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Easy to Use System
Easily create detailed canaries that are customized to your business needs. Choose refresh times, alert options, and more.

Create a Warrant Canary quickly and easily today with Take back your freedom and protect your business and your users.